“Do you live now and will you live when You’ll be gone?”Just Machine Life is a wall sculpture made of 32 old camera, 5 additional lenses, a flash unit and stainless steel, which through the form of a human skull, raises questions on the subject of life and death. Are people living only in the moment of the existence of matter that makes them human beings or their life is determined by their works?

Pop Art

Pop Art is a work that was created as a tribute to the work of Roy Lichtenstein titled Art (1962) and as such represents a link between the artistic direction of the Pop Art movement (which is one of the American representatives Roy Lichtenstein) and very significant device in those years became readily available and accessible to the masses – the camera. Pop Art is made of 15 different Instamatic camera US company Kodak. The first was produced in 1963. “The Instamatic is a series of inexpensive, easy-to-load 126 and 110 cameras made by Kodak beginning in 1963. The Instamatic was immensely successful, introducing a generation to low-cost photography and spawning numerous imitators.” – Wikipedia


Reflections represent a wall sculpture made of 17 old cameras and stainless steel reflective surfaces such as mirrors, allowing visitors to see their reflecion. The sculpture symbolizes sunglasses, whose use is now often exceeded its original purpose, but also used for various other purposes (such as for mirroring, spying, as a fashion accessory, etc.)The authors of this work raises the question whether this wall sculpture itself the purpose, or the people who gladly or reluctantly, but almost sure to reflect on it, actually the purpose of its existence?

TV Praktica

 TV Praktica is a multimedia installation consisting of two basic media elements: a sculptural element and video work.Sculptural element is constructed of 39 different old Prakticas, which are produced in Germany since 1949, 20 flash, 2 additional lenses and steel. It represents a TV set in the narrow sense, a television in the wider. To authors, Television is a place of a new love, a new life, a place where the authors of the exhibition first met.Video work, which is displayed via a computer, hidden from the eyes of the audience – the plinth sculpture depicts the moment the meeting of two people. That moment became a turning point in their creative, professional and emotional life terms. Music that accompanies the video is the Dennis Ferrer’s track Hey Hey.


Helmet is a wall sculpture made of 36 old cameras, 2 additional lenses, 4 flashes and together with stainless steel detail of which is a shield, symbolizing a subject that in today’s time, a time of rapid urban life, everyday means the line between life and death.

ConCerto BWV 1052 

ConCerto BWV 1052 is a multimedia installation consisting of two media elements:Sculptural element, in the form of wall sculpture andAudio element, reproduced by Ishuffle device and headphones.Sculptural element represents the first bar of the first concerto for harpsichord, composed by German composer Johann Sebastian Bach called Concerto BWV 1052 (Alegro). Notes that “making sculpture live”, made from 8 Certo-Phot camera, made in Germany, who are the main actors in this installation and soloists-performers. In the title of the work lies the meaning of this installation in which Certo-Phot together with orchestral accompaniment performed the first bar of this famous Bach’s concerto.Audio element is a reproduction of a sound piece, in which Certo-Phot together with orchestra, performed the first bar of particular concert. The sound of soloists is actually authentic, recorded and modulated sound of the shutter (clicking) of real Certo-Phot camera.


 Staring represent the installation of two parts, which are opposite each other, hung on the parallel walls of galleries. Each part symbolizes the eyes of one of the authors of the exhibition.This work illustrate one moment of the author’s life, the moment when they first met views.


“Zenit is the point of the celestial sphere vertically above the observer and the highest point on the celestial sphere.Zenit is different for different positions of the observer on Earth ..” Zenit is a wall sculpture made of 38 “Zenit” camera, Russian production, which by its shape suggests the religion that each individual may be different, special and unique. For authors who relate the symbol of Orthodoxy and Russia or Russian camera, this sculpture brings the idea of the new faith, religion interwoven with social networks, instagram and other modern communication systems (social networks), which is an important component and an essential element actually photo camera.

The glove

The glove symbolizing the struggle for survival (art and culture), but not in a violent and questionable manner that lately the most common when it comes to fighting for anything, more in a less direct, sophisticated way – creative recycling. This “Upcycle” principle, change the purpose of objects that have lost the original use value, allowed authors to add a new artistic value and thus makes them long-lived.

Just Machine’s Heart
Just Machine’s Heart is interactive video sculpture that allows people to show theirs visual identities by looking into it. Video camera, which is implemented in the sculpture, streams video signal to nearby monitor, so audience could see the Identity of that person, but the person isn’t able to see himself in such way.
“Look into Just Machine’s Heart, and show your identity to everyone except yourself. You will find your identity only if you look into your own heart.”Just Machine