IDentities – solo exhibition

“An identity card is a public document proving identity of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia.”
“In conformity with the law, an identity card is used as evidence of other facts contained in it.”
(IDENTITY CARD LAW, Published in “Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” No. 62/06)
Analyzing the articles of Identity Card Law, we can establish that citizen’s visual identity is
determined by the photograph in their identity card. In the Republic of Serbia ID photos are taken at
the moment of requesting the issuance of the identity card, in the government agency in charge of
issuing documents (police precinct).
Are those photos the real visual representation of our identities?
With their exhibition titled “Identities”, Dragana and Marko Stojanovic, present to the public a
confrontation of 50 photographs from Serbia’s citizens’ identity cards that legally represent their
identities and photographs that really depict them.

Old Cameras – solo exhibition

Sculpture/installation exhibition by Just Machine, a simple named Old Cameras,  are realized by using old analogue cameras, which are the basic sculptural material. The first stage of the formation of these sculptures and installations is certainly Upcycle principle, reusing objects which lost the original use-value, in this case, into works of art. Over three hundred old Prakticas, Zenits and Kodaks.. carefully and concluded collected from the unit consists of a narrative and subjective set of symbols nature. As the authors state: “… All the works that will be exhibited are themselves a kind of symbols that define our identity.”

Sound of Belgrade – solo exhibition

Sounds of Belgrade – merging of sounds and sights in a multimedia piece, represents my final art project of multimedia doctoral studies at University of Arts in Belgrade. It is materialised in the form of a multimedia installation, consisting of three basic media elements: sound, video and sculpture. The theme aspect of this study deals with merging of sounds and sights of Belgrade in a multimedia piece by describing how my visual and sound fascination of Belgrade have found optimum media interpretation. I recorded over 800 different authentic sounds of Belgrade, and made them into a electroacoustic music form. That music became soundtrack of my multimedia piece. Visual part of piece include video artwork made by over a 1000 shots of Belgrade sights, edited and merged into experimental video form, and represented as mapped video projection on the sculptural elements of installation. Shapes and compositions of sculptures symbolized urban city area. Sculpture constructions was made by over the 900 kilograms of steel and over the 200 m2 of gypsum boards. Piece were represented in the public area, at a Belgrade city center – Knez Mihailova street, in september 2013.